A love story, rekindled

“But one always returns to one’s first loves” – Etienne

We used to be so happy, spending hours together, no cares in the world. For years, ever since I was a kid, we were constant companions, always by each other’s side. It was the most perfect relationship I could ever imagine. We had a blissful world of our own, with no need for anyone else. 

And then, life happened. Somewhere, something changed. We grew apart. We no longer had time for each other. Days, weeks, months would go by without any contact. I forgot about us, busy in my new life – a job, a new city, new friends.

Until last July, when my sister gave me the best gift of all – a ticket to my past, a chance to rekindle what used to be. Wrapped in a pretty basket, it was a brand new Kindle Paperwhite. I trembled as I held it. How could it replace my childhood love – the paperbacks I so loved? How could it ever be the same? 


Hesitantly, I picked it up, soaking in its feel, my fingers running along its edges. For almost a month, I was unsure, skeptical, not wanting to be disloyal to my first ever love – books.

“A half finished book is a half finished love affair” – David Mitchell

Tentatively, I started reading again, a page here, a paragraph there. Slowly, it grew on me – like a slow poison. Oh the joy of getting back with my childhood love! I experienced the same heady feeling, the excitement, the thrill. We started spending a lot of time together, often losing track of time, until it became a constant companion. I now read on my way to work, and in between if free – I never have to waste another minute waiting for anyone – I always have a book on me.


One of my goals  in 2016 is to learn as much as I can, read as much as I can. Simply ‘coz today, I want to. As my mom always says “Indulge all your whims as and when they come, don’t wait for tomorrow, for you never know, you may not get that same urge tomorrow”.

I implore all my friends, who were once in love with reading, but have now lost this integral part of their lives in the  daily grind, to pick up a book today.

P.S. – I am thankful to my mom (and of course my sis for the Kindle) for introducing me to books, indulging me with trips to the book fair, and nurturing my interest throughout life, and my father for never saying “no” to anything – for letting me buy as many books as I ever wanted, ‘coz without reading, I would be, but a hollow version of what I am today. Thank you Ma and Papa♥

#BookLover #IHeartKindle #LoveToRead #Goal2016


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