Pranks for the child in you

~“I’m not immature – my inner child is just really really active”- Me~


What did your inner child do this April Fools’ Day?  Did it play a prank on a loved one?
If not, why not start now? This is as good a time as any. Who said you can do it only once a year? 😉

March 2011Annual Sales Report

Here are some of my best pranks I have played till date and the ones I’d love to pull again!

  • Chocolate dipped shockers: We all have tasted

    the sour tasting extremely salty digestives called hajmola (or churan) as kids. So this one time, I dipped a handful of them in melted chocolate and froze them into innocent looking chocolate balls. And well, offered them to my unsuspecting sisters. One of them didn’t talk to me for a week!
    I would also wrap erasers or stones in toffee wrappers and leave them in the toffee jar.

  • Chalk powder rain: My friends and I once put powdered chalk on top of the fan blades in our school classroom. The fan was positioned exactly above the teacher’s desk and she obviously asked someone to switch it on the moment she came to class. What followed next was a rain of finely powdered chalk on her hair, and desk. We made sure it wasn’t too much and she assumed it was plaster falling from the ceiling!
  • Impostor in the room: At University, I invited a friend over to my room for a movie. Before he came, I got another friend of mine to lie on the bed, covered with a blanket with her eyes closed. I then put on some spooky Chinese music, switched off all lights in the room and hid in the bathroom. When he entered the room, he was surprised to see the lights off. As he came inside, he noticed someone in the bed. He came closer and peered at her in the dim light of the laptop. It was then that she opened her eyes with a scary flash, while I was calling him on his cell phone. He thought he had entered someone else’s room by mistake, got the shock of his life and ran out like he was on fire!
  • Phone swap: Two of my friends had the exact same phone at University. I managed to switch their phones once, after swapping their wallpapers. They spent quite some time trying to figure out the mess!
  • DSC_2348-001Time trick: Another favorite was messing with people’s watches. I have often changed the time on my sister’s watch by a bit – mostly turn it back by an hour. Occasionally, she would wake up an hour early on a Sunday! Made my mom very happy 😀
  • Ringtone switch: I would swap or sometimes put the same ringtone on the phones of both my sisters – they would get confused and jump each time their phones rang.
  • Mixed Contacts: Also messed up with contacts saved in their phones.
  • Missing socks: My sisters would generally lay out their school uniforms, shoes, and socks for the next morning. I would often hide their socks at night, causing them much grief in the morning.
  • Hidden slippers: I would always hide their home slippers – often changing the hiding place even while she was searching – putting the slippers under the bed she had just checked minutes before!
  • Remote Confusion: We had two TVs at home. I would stand some distance behind someone watching one and use the other remote to switch channels randomly – leaving the person utterly confused.
  • Bookmark Mess: It’s super easy to bug people who read a lot – when they weren’t looking, I would take out the bookmark and put it on some random page, confusing them when they picked the book next time. Did this for months with a friend of mine in college before he realized it was me!12919400_10153449932680373_825839396_o
  • calling: This one time I called up my cousin posing to be a representative from (a famous Indian matrimonial site) saying he has received expression of interests from several matching profiles. Shocked beyond words, he confronted his mother about putting his profile online without letting him know. His mom was equally confused!
    Can’t be done now – Damn Truecaller! *angry face*
  • Midnight hunger: I would wake up my sister in the middle of the night and ask for food. After she got something from the kitchen, I would pretend to be fast asleep.
  • Wallpaper screenshot: This was something I read on Quora and I gotta try this on someone soon *evil laugh*
    Take a screenshot of someone’s laptop desktop. Then, put the screenshot as the desktop wallpaper and remove all icons from it. The person will try clicking on the desktop icons but none of them will open – leaving him frustrated!

As you have already guessed, I was super naughty as a child (I guess I still am), much to the chagrin of my sisters. I consider myself blessed to have them – they served as the perfect unsuspecting victims of my pranks for years. I was also lucky to have had an impeccable academic record at school – this gave me a lot of leeway to be naughty. No teacher could be mad at me for long – my excellent academic performance and innocent face discouraged them 😉

What pranks have you played on your friends? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. piezoradeon says:

    Hahahaha, Well, sometimes you will find someone better than you! *evil wink*
    I didn’t think about the hajmola one though, but now that you say it, I so much miss the gum called timebomb or centershock which was out during my childhood, not anymore now. I so much hope I could’ve dipped them in chocolate and do it!


    1. Haha that would have been great! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. piezoradeon says:

        Devilish evil :p

        Liked by 1 person

  2. tulika says:

    Your mischievousness oozes from your eyes!! *twinkles twinkles*! Nice one Sonam 🙂


    1. Lol. I have heard that before! 😉
      And thank you!


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