7 Things I learnt from Taher Shah

“I am like an angel.
Said no other man. Ever.”

Unless you have been living under a rock, you must be well aware of the phenomenal success of this purple robed long-haired oddball from Pakistan. This is the man who has single-handedly destabilized the entertainment industry with just two music videos, the man who swept the #PanamaPapers issue under the carpet with his latest song ‘Angel’, the man who gives a whole new meaning to the word ‘music’. His ludicrous costumes, mind-numbing lyrics, and narcissism reek of an imagination so fertile, it puts KRK to shame.

Nonetheless, I can’t deny that there are things that I have learnt from him. Let’s see if you agree.

1) Hogwash sells
You don’t have to be good to be famous. As long as you are confident about what you are doing, you can sell it. It may sound like drivel to the world, but what do they know?


2) Never give up on your dreams
Even if they involve wearing a hideous purple gown with wings (complete with tufts of chest hair peeking out), a tiara, and layers of makeup. Ideas that come naturally to you may be outlandish to the rest of the world but don’t let that stop you. Create your own definition of normal. Just keep going – even if it takes 30 odd years (yes, that is the time he claims he took to pen the lyrics for ‘Eye to Eye’ – I kid you NOT) and one day, you will get 2 million hits on YouTube.

3) You don’t need to know English to make an English music video
Sigh. Here I was, harboring the impression that English sentences need to have a subject and a predicate in them to make sense. Turns out, they don’t. As long as you feel about an issue  deeply enough, anything goes.
Say, you want to proclaim your love to the girl of your dreams. All you need to do is pick up a random string of words – classic, serious, feelings, genuine, romantic and voila, you have your sentence ready! Just say this to her –
“It’s a genuine classic love serious feelings romantic love”
She will get the err…hint.


4) Purple is my least favorite color.

5) Weirdness has no limits
It’s like a bottomless pit – just when you think there can never be anything more bizarre, life surprises you! We all thought ‘Eye to Eye’ was as weird as it could get. Bam! We were hit by an ‘Angel’. Who knows what’s coming next?

6) Makeup is no longer a woman’s forte
Do you like cakey foundation and well tweezed eyebrows? You are not alone in this world. Embrace your innermost desires! Lay it on!


7) Bad hair day? Wear a tiara

And here’s an extra one, though just as valid –

8) When in doubt, do the hair-toss
What? You thought long hair only looked good on women? Take this.

Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 3.59.26 PM.png

No, this is not a plea for Taher Shah to stop singing. I, for one, am eagerly waiting for his next hit. Until then, let us reside jovial in this Universe.

Bored this afternoon? Head here and read his blog – from his lyrics to his ideology (believe it or not – he has an ideology behind his videos) to interviews, it has enough fodder to keep you entertained for hours.

Note: Having trouble reading this article? Try using your spectrum eyes for best performance.


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