Cook. Sleep. Read. Repeat.

I’ve decided to chronicle all the interesting stuff I do on my weekends here in a series called Weekend WOW! I promise to not make it boring and only put in the fun stuff!

So, I finished reading ‘A Clash of Kings’. on Saturday. And undoubtedly, I loved it. I then picked up Margaret Atwood’s ‘Lady Oracle’. I’m an Atwood fan and this one has been lying on my shelf for a while (wait, wasn’t the word for that Tsundoku?)


Messages from the Universe

However, the whole Universe seemed to be asking me to read Franz Kafka. No, I am NOT kidding. For starters, I saw someone’s post on one of his books. And then guess which episode of Breaking Bad was next on my list? You guessed it – Kafkaesque (who can forget Jesse’s memorable “totally Kafkaesque”).
Lastly, I randomly came across pictures from Prague while looking for something else on my laptop. These were pics I’d taken four years back! Believe you me, this is the exact lane where Kafka used to live in. And the blue one (No 22) is his house.



And this is me at Cafe Kafka in Kafka Square!

So ya, long story short, I picked up “The Trial” by Kafka and started it this Sunday.
Lady Oracle will simply have to wait.

While we’re at it

Last weekend, I made friends with Sophie, this totally amazing person! She introduced me to this book community on Instagram called #Bookstagram! And I spent the next few hours pouring over the beautiful pictures people posted on it. I could go all day. You must check it out! I also met some amazing people (read book lovers and nerds) through it.
It also inspired me to read more!

In another news

I was so productive this weekend, I wrote at least 3-4 draft blog posts! Including this one, which I drafted on Sunday evening itself!
I also started writing another short story! Yayy!

Not to forget!

I made this delicious bell pepper and mushroom thingy for Sunday brunch. Again.


It is extremely easy and takes less than 15 minutes. Do do do try this!

Bell Pepper & Mushrooms on Toast

Chop some baby button mushrooms and bell peppers. Make sure to wipe clean the mushrooms with a wet towel first (washing them makes them soggy and less crunchy to taste).
Pour some olive oil in a shallow pan. Add the mushrooms and saute.
After the mushrooms seep out water, let them simmer for approximately half a minute.
Then add the chopped pepper.
Add salt to taste, lots of freshly ground black pepper, hand crushed fresh basil leaves, rosemary (optional), parsley (optional), and oregano.
Saute the mix until the peppers are done. They need to be soft yet crunchy.
Crisp bake a few slices of white/brown bread in the oven/toaster.
Put the filling on top. Garnish with basil.
You can add grated cheese if you’d like!

And oh, I slept a lot this weekend. And I mean a LOTT.
*content sigh*

What did you do this weekend? Have you read either of the two books? Did you like them? Do you watch Breaking Bad?
Any other thoughts?
Let me know!




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  1. Tulika says:

    I love this 🙂 what plans for next weekend 😛


    1. 😀
      Thank you!
      Let’s see! 😉


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