6 super easy ways to detox!

“Don’t let that junk get to you!” 

Now that we have decluttered our homes and found easier ways to fall asleep at night, how about cleansing our bodies of all that junk we tend to pump in?
We’ve all felt bloated, dull, and lethargic at some point or the other.
Fret not! It’s time to do a quick detox!

Detox – the ‘in’ thing to do

You gotta admit – everyone everywhere tells you to try some sort of a detox. From your colleague to your neighbor to your boss, they all swear by it. But you? You think its too much of a hassle.

Well, here’s where I prove you wrong! Listed here are a few super easy ways to detox your system, without starving yourself! I have tried all of these and can vouch for them. No, I will not ask you to quit sugar, ‘coz that sure ain’t gonna happen. Nor ask you to eat that avocado you hate.

The Hot Cold Shower


The easiest one, you can do this every single day if you like. Also knows as Hydrotherapy, it involves taking alternating between warm and cold showers. You basically start with a warm/hot (as warm as you can manage) shower followed by a 30 second burst of cold shower, followed by a hot one and so on. It improves circulation to internal organs, revitalizes, and invigorates tired muscles. Athletes swear by it. Try this in the morning to feel energetic or at night, to get sleep better.

Things to note:

You can continue the cycle as many times as you want. The ideal is 7. I generally do 3/5.
Make sure to always start with the warm and end with the cold.

Dry Body Brushing


This is mostly done before the Hot & Cold shower as it helps in blood circulation. Use a  natural bristle bath brush to rub over your dry body prior to taking a shower. Brush in circular motions over your hands, legs, and rest of the body (leave out the face) – direction it towards the heart. A great way to improve blood circulation, getting rid of dead skin, and release toxins!


Warm Lemon Water


Drink a glass of warm water first thing in the morning with a freshly squeezed lemon. I do not add honey to it, although many do. I learnt this from my Dad who has been doing this for years, and is one of the fittest people I’ve ever known! It is supposed to increase your metabolism and aids in weight loss.

Cucumber Water

This one is an absolute favorite, especially in the summers. Just add a few slices of cucumber, some ginger, one lemon slice, lemon juice and some mint leaves to a pitcher of water and sip it throughout the day. i also Ideally, you should refrigerate the water for a couple of hours (but this is optional). It tastes great, energizes the body, and is highly beneficial for keeping the skin hydrated. Also, aids in weight loss.

As you can see from my pics, I use a normal sipper at work (or a glass pitcher at home) but you can buy one of the fancy Infuser bottles that are totally the rage right now!

Apple Carrot Beetroot Juice


This baby works wonders for cleansing the liver and for healthy skin! Try it! Add ginger for added benefits! The color is a beautiful reddish pink and I love the taste!

The Salt Water Flush

A salt water flush or SWF as they call it, is a way to completely flush out all toxins from your body! An intense detox, this became famous via the Master Cleanse, a lemonade/juice fast widely accredited by celebrities and normal people alike. Now, I do not suggest doing the entire Master Cleanse, but you should definitely give the SWF a shot! It involves drinking a liter of water with two teaspoons of Himalayan pink/sea salt added to it in the morning, on an empty stomach. This is one of the only flushes that is said to detox your entire digestive system – right down to your colon. This is excellent for weight loss, especially for getting rid of that stubborn belly fat! Next week, I will post my review about the SWF!
P.S. – It worked great and I would suggest you try it at least once in your life!


Dissolve 2 teaspoons of uniodized sea/ pink salt in a quart (a little less than a liter) of lukewarm water
Gulp it down within 30 minutes first thing in the morning
Don’t eat/drink anything other than plain water for at least half an hour
Expect a few trips to the bathroom

This is the third post in the ‘Positivity’ series. Through this series, I plan to share simple practical steps to remove negativity from your life, especially if you feel stuck, depressed, or just about ‘okay’. 

“Why be okay when you can feel awesome – all the darn time?”

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