#LifeHack: How to save 3 minutes daily

So last Sunday, I was putting out my clothes for work the next day – having done that, I felt relaxed, thinking that I’d saved myself those precious 3 minutes extra the next morning.

However, this was not to be so. I took 5 minutes extra on Monday morning, trying to find those particular pair of red shoes to go with my outfit!
Those who have seen my enormous shoe collection know exactly what I mean 😛

And hence I decided to bring a little bit of organization into one of my little shoe cabinets.

Things needed:

Post its
A marker
Shoe boxes


All I did was put little post it stickers on all my shoe boxes, so I could know exactly where to find what. For someone who has one too many a pair of shoes, this will be the perfect solution, saving you those precious few minutes every time you step out! And trust me, this is a much better option than putting them all out in the open along a wall (I have tried that) – saves all that cleaning.

IMG_20150801_200136_edit (1)

#FirstWorldProblems #TooManyShoes

A goodie bag

Guess what I came home to yesterday? This!



Can’t wait to try these out! Thanks Itsy Bitsy for sending these to me as a gift 🙂
I was going to buy one of these myself – so happy I got them.

Of sudden trips


Another great news – I am flying off to Goa tomorrow. My sis won a free trip and she chose to take me! Yayy!
Looking forward to 4 days of relaxing on the beach, reading, and doing nothing.
Will post pictures from Goa soon 🙂

Do you also have too many shoes? Do you also enjoy coloring? Comment away 🙂


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