Happy Birthday Dear Ma

“You are the reason for all I am today”

Dear Ma,

I thought and I thought but I could not decide what to get you on your birthday. And then it struck me – what better than to let you know that all you wanted came true?


This isn’t a clichéd letter thanking you for being there for me always or for being my support. Yes, you have always been there for me and supported me unconditionally. And while I do appreciate these things, you have done far more than a mother does.  

It was you who sent me to Delhi, to UK and Europe, and you who motivated me to hold out for a worthy job offer and not take up anything that came my way. 
It was you who insisted I live like a princess, and not worry about finances. It was you who taught me to speak my mind, shine bright like a diamond, and not let anybody walk all over me. You are the one who let me be me – a free spirit, always. It was you who taught me that a girl needn’t be lesser than a man, in any way. It was you who encouraged me to follow my passion(s) – be it Tarot, sketching, reading, or writing. And it was you who pampered me and let me be as naughty as ever 😉


And you know the best part? Your little baby has imbibed all these lessons and grown up just the way you’d wanted. Today, she is capable enough to stay alone, cook, look after an entire flat, manage her finances, and take care of herself. What’s more – she can also make matar kachori & tomato chutney as well as you (well, almost – can you believe that?). You needn’t worry about her anymore.

From when you first held me in your arms, I have come a long way.  It is thanks to you that I am so independent and self-sufficient today. Thank you for all the little ways you helped me grow. Thank you for supporting my decision to not stick to a conventional career path, I promise to make you very proud one day, very soon. 

Happy Birthday! Here’s wishing you all the love and happiness you deserve :*

Your youngest.




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