Diwali Home Decor : Day 2

“How do you like your walls?
I like them all to be different.”

In this series leading upto the D-day, let me share with you pictures of my home.
All the decorations are courtesy Mom

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Day 2
Artsy Walls

Who said walls are boring? There are a million things you can do to your walls. My mom got each one painted a different color – hand picked shades that blend together to give my home a perfect color palette with a mix of cool blues, fresh greens, warm yellows, and earthy browns.
Some have designer tiles, others have hand crafted leaves (the top left one in the first collage –┬áthis one was made by me with leather leaves and jute rope), while others have art pieces picked out from various parts of the country.
Yet others have decorative laminate sheets, textured paint, wallpaper, or wall stickers.






How do you like your walls? Let me know.
Watch out for Day 3 tomorrow.

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