Diwali home Decor: Day 4

“The world is full of unused corners.”

In this series leading upto the D-day, let me share with you pictures of my home.
All the decorations are courtesy my Mom and elder sister

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Day 4
Charming Corners

All around my home, various nooks and crannies have been picked out to display artifacts.
These corners make my home look super pretty and add a very personal touch to the space. Planters, glass bottles, beads, votive holders, candles, and various other objects add a bling to an otherwise plain area.

Take a look!





How did you like Day 4? Comment away!

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  5. moira and eric says:

    ononce again beautiful shots of your beautiful home. i noticed the nest of three tables of i think acacia wood. we have a similar nest of acacia tables. im amazed that a vibrant young person like you has such a tidy home! nice to see.
    beautiful home Sonam. x


    1. Thank you so much Eric! This is maintained by my mom and sisters as this is my Kolkata home! Although, my Hyderabad home is pretty neat too 😛


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