10 reasons why I’ll miss my BlackBerry

With a heavy heart – I finally have to let go of my BlackBerry Z10. Despite the low availability of apps on BlackBerry World, there was something about RIM’s phones that makes me sad about moving on to my One Plus 3 (while I do love it too).

And needless to say, BlackBerry will always remain close to my heart – a reminder of different times – free BBMing, seamless typing, and so much more!
From Curve to Bold to Z10, I’ve used them all.


Here are 10 reasons why I will miss my BlackBerry:


Oh, the typing…! You cannot even begin to compare the typing between a BlackBerry keypad (and no, I’m not just talking about the Qwerty keypad in Bold/Curve, but also the touch keyboard on Z10/Q10!) and that on an Android (did you just mention Apple? Don’t even get me started on the iPhone’s tiny keys)!
Nothing can replace the joy of typing in class without having to look down at the phone!

Email services

The ability to edit/view attachments – no matter what you send/receive in email – on a BlackBerry, you can edit it all. And I mean all. The in-built Excel and PowerPoint are to die for. No wonder many corporate honchos still use BlackBerry for business purposes!


But of course! There was something about the ability to message for free via BBM in a world where people were still paying for texts.
And in those days, all my friends had BlackBerry devices. What more could one ask for? The read/delivered notifications eons before Whatsapp came up with them were something that made life so much easier. Another fun bit?  Group chats and status message updates 🙂



Friend not responding to your messages? Just send them a ping!


The emoticons on BBM? Unbeatable. The ones I miss the most? Talk to the hand. Still looking for an apt substitute for this one. Another favorite? The kiss icon. The puckered up lips – cuteness! For some reason, the Android “kiss” never seems to do justice.

BlackBerry Blend

The option of not having to take the phone out of your pocket and simply operate everything via your laptop  – priceless!

The Hub

Getting all your notifications in one place – from Facebook  to Whatsapp to texts to emails to Instagram is something I definitely miss on my Android.

Music control buttons

No need to unlock your phone to pause/play/change songs – it can all be done via the music control buttons on the side panel of the phone. Convenient is an understatement.

The signature BlackBerry ringtone


Aah the melodious tune! Also, the collection of notification ringtones and sounds were surprisingly sober and sophisticated – unlike the ones offered by the likes of Samsung.

The middle button trackpad

Way before touchscreen phones captured the market, BlackBerry’s trackpad button was all you needed to seamlessly scroll down pages, navigate between apps and to return to the home screen. Simplicity at its best.

What things do you miss most about your BlackBerry? Let me know!

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  1. You write so well, Sonam! After reading your blog, I am missing my old Blackberry like anything!!!!


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