2016 wrap-up: 55 books, a successful blog, and tons of new friends!

Dear 2016,

Thank you for all you brought my way – the many ups and downs (a lott of those!). 

I met a lot of people, made new friends, as well as said goodbye to a few. I also had the opportunity to reconnect with a lot of old friends and build stronger one-to-one connections. At the same time, I spent a lot of time alone (thanks to my new flat), giving me a lot of time to introspect and reflect. I grew tremendously as a person in 2016 – and I could not be more grateful for the hard times – they only made me stronger.

You have been particularly good for my hobbies and interests – I rediscovered my passion for writing via my blog (which I started in February) and also managed to find time to pen a few stories and poems. Thank you to everyone for loving and encouraging my writing and for inspiring me in one way or the other. I am grateful for learning to dream bigger in 2016 – here’s to bigger dreams in the next year.

I managed to read over 55 books – more than my target of one book a week! My Tarot reading vocation has been absolutely amazing and I thank everyone for all the support and belief 🙂 I hope 2017 helps me take this further.

Here’s to all the new people I met and all those who stayed with me till the end! Hope 2017 brings me closer to the right ones. Hope to meet many more people in the New Year – some to stay, some to change my life for the better, and some as a lesson.
Here’s to more fun times ahead!
And to all the people who are no longer in my life – thank you for the good times.

I want to enter the New Year on a lighter note – happier, carefree, and freer. Let 2017 be more fun, less serious, more enriching, happier, and exciting! Let it bring bigger dreams, more conversations, more books, more travel (please!), more personal growth, more writing, more Tarot, stronger connections and more money this year!

Thank you for the memories – you will not be easily forgotten.

A more hopeful,

A very Happy New Year to all my readers 🙂




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