Be You

You know what I like most in a person? The quality of never losing their spunk. We’ve all come across people who put us down, laugh at us, or make fun of what we do/say. And sooner or later, most of us take it to heart. We either stop being ourselves around them, or change our habits, all in a bid to fit their description of “normal”. We stop doing those tiny little things that make us who we are. We suppress our eccentricities. We lose our innocence. We disregard our idiosyncrasies. We change who we are.

And yet, there are those who never lose their naiveté, childlike charm, and inherent quirkiness. They are not afraid of embracing their craziness and never lose touch with it, no matter what others might say. They always bounce back, higher than before. They have the strength to laugh at themselves, with others – the strength to not change themselves. They never take things personally. And I love that about them.

Inside each one of us, there is a little child – unapologetically crazy, randomly happy, and unabashedly fun. Don’t let the child inside you get lost in the labyrinth of growing up. Don’t let what others think fool you into changing yourself. Let your inner child out. Laugh, scream, be happy.

Be the lone red poppy in a sea of yellow.

Be unique.
Be abnormal. 

Be bold.
Be audacious.
Be You.


#BeDifferent #BeYou

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  1. Eric Low says:

    Excellent words Sonam
    Your writings always make me think and you’ve done it again!!
    Quite often I find myself in company thinking that other people are far more intelligent, funnier, easy to chat to than me. I sometimes feel inadequate.
    As you say, I must change!
    Thank you. Xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your kind words Eric! I hope my words have an impact, however small, on whoever reads it and they realize they are special 🙂


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