I recently came across this piece of paper in one of my folders.¬†This is something I wrote for an inter-school essay competition when I was 16. The topic was abstract – “Black” but I think I did a great job. This baby won me the first prize.
I just felt I had to share it. What do you think of it?


“Black. The feeling of intense sorrow. The grief of the loneliest soul. The darkest of the deepest cavern. The futility of devastated lives. The brightness of gleaming ebony. The echoing silence of ruined civilizations. The mystery of forgotten eras. The deepest desires that stir the human heart. The emptiness of blind eyes. The secret behind closed doors. The beauty of tragic eyes. A thousand words left unsaid. Black.

Who can fathom the greatness of black? Although often associated with evil, it is also the color of greatness – and rightly so, since evil is not always without greatness. A color with a thousand meanings, it signifies the futility of warring nations, the ecstasy of graduation day, the tragedy of death, the authority of law and justice, and the guilt of the darkest sins. Even a black rose – a symbol of mourning, symbolizes rebirth and rejuvenation. In fact, it is the presence of black amidst patches of white that make life what it is. Even the brightest of days is insignificant without the velvet darkness of night. The world is incomplete without black. A human is nothing but an inanimate object without shades of black in his character. Even the bluest of oceans is but black at its deepest levels. The color that lends an aura of mystery and aura to whoever it touches, is also a symbol of strength and power. Even a departed souls is honored with black. Death – is not just the end of a phase, but also the beginning of another. Black denotes continuity. Black denotes life.


We say black is evil. But come to think of it, even the printed word is black. Does this imply that knowledge is evil? Just as light is incomplete without shadow, and day is incomplete without night, white is incomplete without black. Black is nothingness. Black is everything. 

Black is eternity. Black is the universe.”

Do leave your comments below!

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