The one thing you need to stop doing right now

As a Tarot card reader, I have come across this problem ever so often.
So many of us have the same issue – we all tend to settle for things, even though we know we might do better. We accept whatever life dishes out to us. Be it that job that pays less than what we deserve, that guy/girl who is just not up to par, or the way our boss treats us.

For starters, a lot of us women have been guilty of this, one too many times – settling for a guy we know we are better than.
Interestingly, a close friend of mine once said that there are three compatibility aspects in every relationship – emotional, intellectual, and physical. She said if you find a guy who fulfills any two, you are lucky. Like most women, she believed that finding the perfect relationship, among other things in life, isn’t easy. So she told herself that a score of 2/3 was good enough.

I beg to differ. Why settle for anything less than all three? Why tell yourself you don’t deserve a 3/3? Surely there are people who get all 3? It all depends on what you tell yourself. If you believe that finding all three aspects is next to impossible, you will never find it. But if you start telling yourself it is not only easy, but also that you deserve it, you are bound to get it. At the end, it all boils down to how much you think you deserve. In fact, I’d like to take things further and believe there is a fourth aspect as well – spiritual.

My theory? Ask for the world. Ask for a 4/4 guy. Reach out for the very best.
As Marshal and Lily from HIMYM pointed out – there is a “reacher” and a “settler” in every relationship. And you don’t have to be a settler. Ever. After all, it is your life partner we are talking about.

And it’s not just relationships. Surely we’ve all tried jobs that don’t make us happy? Jobs that make us slog for long hours, yet pay little. And why? Because we tell ourselves that the job market is bad. Or that it’s not easy to get your dream job. Or that we are not as smart as others. And yet, we crib about our current jobs.
It’s time to change the story we tell ourselves. Tell yourself it is easy. And that you can, and you will get it. Ask for more in life. Aim higher. Don’t settle for that job which does not pay you enough. Don’t listen to all those naysayers who say you are being too demanding. I know people who have managed to land excellent high paying jobs even during the 2008 recession. Be brave enough to say no to job offers that don’t do justice to your skill-set . Hold yourself in very high regard. I was unemployed for almost a year post my stint at Warwick. It was tough, but I didn’t settle for any random low-paying offers. I kept going, until I got something I liked. If I can do it, so can you.

Change your story.Ask.Don'e accept. (1)

The list goes on.

But you get my point, right?

Ask for the world. Believe you deserve it, and The Universe will bring it to you. Change your story. Ask for that hike you’ve always wanted. Ask for better treatment from your peers. Ask for more in a relationship. ‘Coz unless you ask, you won’t get.


Never settle. Ask for more. Never stop asking. ‘Cos surely, you deserve the world.

Don’t accept whatever life dishes out to you. Don’t settle for anything less than perfect. If you don’t accept whatever comes you way, Life will have no option but to dish out something better the next time around. Be one tough cookie to crack. Let Life know it can’t take you for a ride. And you know what? It won’t.


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  1. Wealthpedia says:

    Change your story. Ask.dont accept….. this is really a good one and hits direct into the mind..


  2. Melanie Sparks says:

    Hi, Eloise, I love this message. We settle far too often. It’s a sickness!

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    1. Melanie Sparks says:

      Sorry — Sonam. I had two windows open at once. The perils of multi-tasking. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hi Melanie,
        Thank you! Glad you agree with the message 🙂
        And haha. I completely understand.


  3. Awesome! Never Settle

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