Adieu Hyderabad

As I leave Hyderabad, I can’t help but feel a little sad.
It’s been four years since I fell in love with this city.

Every ending is a new beginning.

This is where I had my first brush with the corporate world. This is where I did some serious adulting – from living alone and managing a flat to finding my passion alongside a full-time job. This is where I launched SoulSpeak, started blogging, found my niche. This is where I made many friends, lost some, forgot some, and reconciled with some.

This is where I stayed up all night – watching TV series, playing poker, dancing, talking or cosying up with a book. This is where I grew as a cook, a home-maker, a Tarot reader, a writer, and a doodle artist. This is where I dreamt big. This is where home was. This is where I found myself.

I will miss my petty flat, the friends I am leaving behind, the numerous places for hanging out, the impromptu plans, the eventful weekends, and most of all – the feeling of it being my very first home-away-from-home.


However, despite the nostalgia, I am excited and positive about moving to a new city and starting afresh.
I look forward to Bangalore and hope it is half as kind to me as Hyderabad was 🙂

Thank you for the memories!

To new beginnings!


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