A happy place

Sorry for the radio silence on my end! I have just been so busy with all the moving and settling and unpacking and making-new-friends that I got little time to blog.

Now, many of you’ve been asking me how life’s been

in a nutshell – here’s how life has been in Bangalore till now – happy.

If I can go so far as to say – I’ve never been happier in my life. Work is a huge step up from before, with a lot of nice and supportive people around me. I’m making new friends, meeting lots of new people. And to top it all – I found the prettiest flat here 🙂

Those who know me well will know how obsessed I am about decorating my desk/home and hence you can imagine how happy it makes me. A lot of you have been asking me for pictures, so here they are –


For the first time in life, absolutely everything seems to be falling in place. From small things – I’ve been wanting a dream catcher, and my mom just happened to send me one; to big things – I am completely at peace with myself and thoroughly happy with where I am in life.


A lot of credit goes to the fact that I’ve been practising Nichiren Buddhism for a while now – more on this in a later post. Chanting daimoku (a Buddhist chant) has not only made me more positive, it has also made life smoother and easier.

All in all, Bangalore makes me happy.

And I never thought I will say it – but here I am, saying it once again – I feel like I’m home.




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