Hello 2018!

2018 is finally here!

Last year this time, I asked the Universe to make me freer, lighter, and happier in 2017. A year later, I can proudly look back and say I managed to be all this and more. I am more centred, less affected by what others do, and for the first time in life, I’ve stopped justifying to others the things I do. And in putting myself first, I have discovered the best version of myself. There is no place for excuses, explanations, or trying to confirm to what others judge as “right”. In more ways than one, I’m my unapologetic authentic self. Truly, really, Sonam.


One major job change, a pretty pretty home in a vibrant city, multiple trips and rapidly evolving relationships (with both others and myself) made 2017 a truly eventful year.
I’m grateful for the amazing job opportunity, the strength to stand up to difficult people at my previous organisation in my last few days there, as well as for the positive frame of mind I was able to maintain amidst all the chaos, mainly thanks to the practice of Nichiren Buddhism, which I started this year.
I’d especially like to thank the Universe for introducing me to tons and tons of new exciting people who I believe entered my life at exactly the right time.
Before the year ended, I did an easy new year manifestation ritual to get rid of all the junk I no longer need in my life. It was then that I recalled doing a similar purging ritual with two of my friends in February 2017. And it made me immensely happy to realise that my list of things was way shorter now. I had effectively eliminated most of the things in my February list, leaving only a handful of smaller issues in my December list. What could be a better way to end the year?
For the benefit of my friends, I also posted a video on the ritual, here it is:
With this video, I also launch my new 2 minute inspirational vlog series, in a bid to help more and more people find their centre in life.
In 2018, I’d like to continue this positive phase I’m in and produce more tangible results, after the massive amount of work I’ve done on myself in the past one year. Once again, I’d like to live a lighter, freer, and happier life. No drama, no hangups, no emotional baggage, no energy vampires, no regrets. Here’s to being truer versions of ourselves.
Here’s wishing 2018 is as exciting for everyone as I’m sure it will be for me!


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  1. Neha Jain says:

    Ohh this is the hardest things to do.. great job dear


  2. congratulations Girls, Clearing our junk and decluttering is something, I always want to do. But cant. Got attached to so many things, that detaching and throwing them away is too difficult. kudos to you, it needs a lot of guts to do that 🙂


  3. Kamira says:

    Congrats on the progress you’ve made in 2017 and also wish you many blessings for 2018. Great advice. I know for myself ,in 2017 struggling with whether or not to keep toxic family members in my life. No more. I have faith in God and the universe that maintaining balance, order and peace with work out everything else as it’s meant to be. Cheers to 2018! Peace, love, blessings.

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    1. Thank you Kamira! That’s a great attitude to have!
      Hope 2018 is amazing for you! Peace 🙂


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