Uranus transit 2018: Can it affect you?

While I know a lot about planetary movements and their impact on our lives, I have never penned a post on it. With Uranus’ transit to Taurus (a once in 84 years occurrence) looming ahead, I thought heck, why not write something that might interest each one of us?

On 16th May 2018, Uranus is changing signs – and moving to Taurus, from Aries. The planet, known to be the harbinger of  unpredictability or surprise, takes roughly 84 years to orbit the sun – that implies 7 years in each sign. Thus, rest assured that it will bring massive changes in everyone’s lives  – no matter what your sign. The strange thing about Uranus is that unlike other planets, which strengthen the house (there are 12 houses in astrology – each denoting an aspect of our lives – more about this later) they move into, Uranus tends to create drama, excitement or upheavals in the house it moves into, and stability in the house it leaves. Thus, all of us can expect a change in focus over the next 7 years.

The last few weeks in Uranus’ transit is always marked by upheavals, huge changes and disturbances. Most of us would have felt this effect on some or the other aspects of our lives. You might have experienced weird dreams, shifting of priorities, health issues, mental disturbances or even changes in relationships – these are all due to the upcoming transit. Fret not, this is temporary and we should heave a sigh of relief from May end, when the transit will be complete.


In general, Taurus rules money, possessions and finances and hence, the next 7 years will bring about changes/fluctuations in financial markets, cryptocurrencies, and all sorts of banking and money matters.

How can it affect you?

Specifically, Uranus will shift your focus to the particular house it moves into, based on your sunsign. In short, I have given below is the house Uranus is moving into. Expect lots of excitements, ups and downs and major changes in these aspects over the next 7 years:

Aries – material possessions, livelihood, what you value
Taurus – self awareness, personality, growth, how people see you
Gemini – subconscious, dreams, intuition, secrets, spirituality
Cancer – friends, social groups, communities, humanitarian acts
Leo – achievement, prestige, reputation, status in community, recognition in career
Virgo – travel, education, goals, spirituality, rituals & ceremonies, big ideas, books,                           publishing
Libra – rebirth (of self), death, sex, joint finances, taxes, alimony, insurance
Scorpio – 1-on-1 relationships, marriages, contracts, divorces, partnerships
Sagittarius – daily routine, work, health, diet, habits, mundane tasks
Capricorn – love, pleasure, hobbies, creative pursuits, speculation, enjoyment
Aquarius – family, home, shifting cities, moving away/to our family, karmic lessons,
relationship with parents
Pisces – communication (with colleagues/siblings/friends), phone calls, short term travel,                thinking, gossip
The signs that can expect the most excitement are Aquarius (Uranus being their ruling planet) and Taurus, while Aries can expect some semblance of stability in life, as Uranus moves out of their sign.

While most of these changes are not in your control, you can ease the negative impact or multiply the favorable ones by keeping a positive frame of mind. As I always say, there’s nothing a happy mind cannot conquer 🙂



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  1. Preethi Venugopala says:

    Interesting post! Didn’t know about this.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks 🙂
      Hope it helps you navigate the next few years


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