New or Old?

Are you a trier?
An explorer of new tastes
Places and authors
Or more of a stickler
for the things you love?

Would you rather
Order the drink you loved
The last time around?
Or would you rather have
the new dish you can’t
pronounce the name of

Do you, peruse Goodreads
for books by the same author
Or do you go for the new
one on the stands
Does the habitual feel of
your neighborhood cafe
comfort you?
Or is it the thrill of an untried
place that excites you?

Do you like the safety
of knowing you can’t go wrong
Or does the mystery of not knowing,
Overwhelm the risk?

Does the flavour of familiarity
put you at ease?
Or does it often make
you feel insipid or dull?

Would you rather take a leap
Into the unknown
Or stand firmly planted
Knowing that nothing can go wrong

Are you the one who takes risks?
The one who’d play for higher stakes
And risk losing what you have
Or a play-it-safe, and rather
Keep what you’ve won

Or is it that you are a trier sometimes
depending on where you are in life
And yet at other times, you are
The one who likes playing safe
Knowing fully well what’s on store
Because well, trying something
New isn’t as appealing anymore?

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20 Comments Add yours

  1. Beautifully written,old is gold but new also accepted…i think.


  2. I like the freshness of this post, Beautifully crafted. I think I’m the mix of both – old and new, depending upon the situation.


  3. Your poem definitely set me thinking deeply about myself. Ideally the last paragraph of your poem describes me. After facing a lot of ups and downs in life, I tend to be conservative and play it safe more often nowadays. But that does not mean I never take risks in life. Sometimes when I am really thrilled or enraptured by something, I tend to throw caution to the winds and plunge headlong into a new adventure. Wonderful poem you have written using simple language but with profound meaning.


  4. stunningmoon says:

    I think I am a little of both too!

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    1. That’s great! I guess its the best way to be 🙂


  5. Maya Bhat says:

    I think I am a mix of both. Love old as well as try new things. Beautiful poem 🙂

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    1. That’s the best combination I think! I’m more of a trier though 🙂

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  6. myteenytot says:

    Beautifully written. Loved reading this.

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  7. Sonam Jain says:

    Hey Sonam so well u have penned down your thoughts through this cute poem. Old and new compliment each other for me. So having a good mix of old n new is what life for me is

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    1. I agree Sonam 🙂


  8. Deepti Menon says:

    What a well-worded poem, Sonam! The questions asked are so apt and often, we stick to the safety of the familiar. Once in a while, we set out along paths that are new and untrodden. I love the layout of your blog.
    #DeepToesReads #MyFriendAlexa

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    1. Thank you Deepti I agree 🙂


  9. That’s a beautiful poem worded very well.I am a stickler for old and would stick to all things old. Rarely I try anything new. #wordsmithkaurreads

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    1. That’s great! I am more of a trier 🙂


  10. I would rather play it safe. Loved the beautifully written poem that asks relevant questions about our and new. Though trying new things give us thrill, but we may not be always in a mood to experiment.

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    1. That’s great to know Vandana 🙂
      I am more of a trier!


  11. Beautifully written poem, asking some very profound questions, and the question of dilemma or the preference what comes into play in such situations. Old and new are like the ying and yang of our life. Many times we go back to the old, there is a nostalgia and other times we want to explore the unexplored and just venture into the unknown territories. It so happens when there is good tussle between the old and new guard, we need someone to rescue us and invariably it is our impulse that does the job. Also it depends on our mood and our level of energy and excitement dawning us, higher the octane level more is our inclination towards the new.

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    1. Very well said Nihar! I completely agree with you 🙂

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      1. Always my pleasure.


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