A walk in the moonlight
A cafe on the beach,
A cloudless night
The place to be.

In the glow of a candle
Dinner by the waves,
Music till the wee hours
Until the sky begins to pale.

Let’s talk till dawn
No sense of time,
Let’s make this a memory
That’ll last in our minds.

Grey clouds up above
An evening in June,
The rain falling down
All fresh and cool.

Let’s dance in the rain
And wet our souls,
Let’s drench ourselves
Until the tears show no more.

A clear morn in August
A scent in the breeze,
A long straight road
Shadowed by trees.


Let’s walk for miles
No place to go,
Until we’re tired
And turn back for home.

A cool night outside
A fire in the room,
A warm cosy couch
In a cottage by the woods.

A phone by my side
Talking all night long,
With you on the line
From dusk till dawn.

Falling asleep 
To the sound of your voice,
Letting the silence
Fill in the void.

A DJ console at a
Club in the country,
Let’s escape into
The sound of the music.

Let’s dance away
Till late in the night,
Let’s shake away
All the stress in our lives.

To the beats of your heartbeat
Let’s get high,
Let’s laugh until
We begin to cry.

An open air cafe
An evening in winter,
A table for two
Tucked in a corner.


Mugs of coffee
Drained away,
Hours pass by
While we sit and stare.

We look at each other
And then glance away,
We both start laughing
At these games we play.

Why is it that a
Short sweet note,
A gift tucked away
Means so much and more?

A million dollars
For the look in your eyes,
The touch of your hand
And for you in my life.

So much unsaid
So much suppressed,
A thousand feelings
Left unexpressed.

Why the hesitation
Why the fear?
If indeed there’s something,
Why not get near?

Why the denial?
Why the blame?
Why not just accept it,
And give it a name?

For once in life
Let’s fall in love,
Without thinking
Of the ifs and buts.


Let’s make it real
Let’s make it true,
Let’s make a world
For me and you.

Let’s get hurt
And cry away,
Then let’s say sorry
And get back again.

Ties and breakups
Joy and tears,
Let’s experience all
While we’re still here.

Whether it’s forever
Let’s not care,
Let’s bask in it
While it’s still there.

Let’s do all
We’ve never done before,
All that’s unknown
Let’s explore.

Care not for tomorrow
Let’s live for today,
Let’s make it happen
Before life slips away.

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  1. Geethica says:

    This is a very beautiful poem. I love that long road with falling trees and coffee table at the corner of the cafe where you lose yourself to the ambience and feel good.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Geethica! 🙂


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