COVID-19: How you can help the needy

As we grapple with a crisis of unprecedented proportions, I want to do my bit in helping the needy and the unfortunate. While we are comfortably nestled in our cushy homes with plenty of food and resources, my heart goes out to all those who are not as fortunate.

And if there is anything that this lockdown has made us aware, is the importance of mental well-being.  And so I thought – why not combine the two?

“Beat stress while doing your bit for society”

Throughout the lockdown – I will donate 100% of sales proceeds from my bestseller ebook ‘From Stressed to Sorted‘ to charity. For every copy purchased, I will donate an equal amount to purchase essentials to feed a needy family. For those of you who are interested, I will share the details of the spending as well.

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Whether you are dealing with a break-up, losing sleep over a job application, or trying to convince your husband to see your point of view – my book will help you look at things from a fresh perspective. A unique blend of fiction, non-fiction, practical hacks and handmade doodles, this book is perfect for anyone trying to turn around their lives, without investing a lot of time. Simply put, it is “Self-help without the gyan“.

So help me in spreading the joy by picking a copy if you still haven’t and sharing this with your friends and family. I assure you – you will pick something of value. The book is available on Kindle format and you can read it on any smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC. If you do not have a Kindle, simply download the FREE Kindle App on your device. Once you buy the book on Amazon, it’ll automatically get added to your Kindle App library and voila – start reading right away!

After all, it is one thing to get through the lockdown with countless packets of Maggi and endless TV shows, and completely another to thrive during this time by reflecting on the more important aspects of life and chart a path to a happier you. Won’t you like to be a part of the latter?

Pick a copy here: From Stressed to Sorted

Find below a few reviews from selected readers:

“Highly recommend. Fantastic book, whilst being easy to read is extremely meaningful. Calming and fulfilling like a yoga lesson. Reassuring and extremely relatable: a case of deep and important things explained through simple examples. Very digestible yet powerful.”
– Alexandra Sav, UK

“Some self-help books are just not motivational books but a kind of meditation in itself. Heart-breaks and professional failures can be very discouraging and it’s natural. However, dealing with them while manifesting all the positive energies of the universe to help you cope with everything is an art and this book will teach you how to do that. From Stressed to Sorted is the most honest book you will come across. Small lifestyle practices can do wonders and this book is all about that!”
Sushmita Malakar, Mental health blogger, US

“Reading this book was such a wonderful experience. Every chapter is so relatable and the the secret tricks to optimize for happiness are incredibly helpful. I have highlighted a lot of parts in the book and look to read them occasionally so that I can internalise the messages. This surely helps us become the best possible version of ourself.”
– Sujit Mathew

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