Were you happier then, or now?

How are you doing? Hope all is well with you.
It’s been a while since I wrote, so here’s something from my heart.

So, the other day, I was looking at some pictures of mine from a few years ago and my mind immediately went “ooh, I happy I look!”
And it was then that I realised something.

Most of us look back at pictures from the past with a sense of nostalgia and go oh, look – how happier I seem – how  much thinner I was or how my skin glowed! But it is ironic that in that moment, we probably didn’t think so. At the time of clicking that photo, we’d probably be looking at photos from even before and thinking the same. It logically follows that if you were to take a picture of yourself today and look at it a year down the line – you’d feel the same – even though right now you might feel like crap!


It is a common human tendency to think that we looked better/thinner in the past.  And we think – ooh how much better life used to be!
But what does this mean? Simply that most of us don’t feel happy in the present moment. Whereas in reality, happiness is present at all times. But we choose to ignore it and rather live in a constant cycle of dissatisfaction where the past always looks more promising.

Ask yourself – how can you ever dream of a better future, with a mindset like this? How do you expect things to get better, when you are constantly reminded that the past was better?

Even if you were truly happy at that point in time, why not try and create it again? Who says the same magic cannot be recreated, even if other factors might have changed. Even if, say, you might have gained weight, broken up or shifted countries since then.
Pictures are meant to make us happy, not sad.


I realised that we need to stop comparing ourselves to who we used to be and be grateful for who we are today. All your struggles and tribulations are responsible for the beautiful person you’ve blossomed into. And when you look back with nostalgia and longing, you are undermining all the progress you’ve made and diluting just how far you’ve come.

While I am always grateful for who I am today (which I believe is the best version of myself), I also realise that I need to stop looking back with a sense of longing, if I truly want to move forward in life. 
What do you think? Do you feel the same way?

The truth is, that we are always becoming better versions of ourselves, or at least that’s what we should all strive for. And the fact that you are working on yourself speaks volumes about how great a version of yourself you have become. Acknowledge this progress and feel gratitude for having come this far. Look back with love, and nothing else. You are who you are, for a reason. Embrace it ❀

Here’s to a future brighter than the past ever was!

Does this make sense? Please let me know in the comments!


And now, on a side note – I have started revamping my YouTube channel.  And to give you a glimpse of what I’m upto, during this lockdown, let’s have some fun – how about you close your eyes and then open them and choose one of the 4 cards below – the one that resonates the most with you?

Now that you have done so, watch the video below to know what the next one month holds for you!

In the video, I do say June, but the reading is timeless and is applicable whenever you watch it, as energy is fluid πŸ™‚

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Until next time, adios!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. yes no says:

    Thanks for the heads-up. I am learning more types of tarot spread to add to my collection and maybe someday create an app. thank you for this Sonam.


  2. Ankita says:

    Hi Sonam, the day I and Neeti saw you at your college desk doing tarot card reading, we were tempted to see how far all these things are true. Neeti took a session, bang on! You were right. At the most crucial stage of my life, I sought your tarot cards help and again I got my answers! Last month, May 2020, I tried your monthly reading for June 2020 and every line of it holds true for me! I recommend everyone to seek your help when they don’t know where to head next, what to make of certain things happening in our lives, and many more such things. A big thank you Sonam! May you be blessed with great health and all the happiness 😊


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