2018 – a year of halves

2018 was a year of halves. Like always in life, some bits were exciting and fun while others were hectic and dull. But as they say, it’s only when both the halves merge that the perfect whole is created – without darkness, light has no meaning.


A must-read for anyone who has ever fallen in love…

New or Old?

Are you a trier?
An explorer of new tastes
Places and authors
Or more of a stickler
for the things you love?

Do you believe in coincidences?

The biggest things in life come about at the tiniest of moments. Moments that creep up to us, catching us unawares. And it’s only years later that you realise their significance.

Hello 2018!

2017 in hindsight, 2018 goals and tons of gratitude 🙂