“One day your life will flash before your eyes, make sure its worth watching” 

On this page, you will find a little bit of life, a little bit of spirituality, and a medley of random thoughts. Dig deeper and you may also find how I found my inner peace, and how you can find yours.


COVID-19: How you can help the needy
Single and home-alone: why are we complaining now?
The Woman that was to the Woman that I am
2010-2020: From possibilities to milestones
Life goes on…
Dear Ma
2018 – a year of halves
Law of Attraction – easy hack

Ma Chérie
Tarot Card Reading: What, Why and How it helps you
Confessions of an independent woman 2: Settling down
New or Old?
Do you believe in coincidences?
Girl and the city: New cafe and a doodle
Uranus transit 2018: Can it affect you?
The journey of life
Hello 2018!
The various flavors of love
Adieu Hyderabad
Manifest your dreams – Step#1: Ask
A beginner’s guide to manifesting your dreams
Launching SoulArt
13 Reasons Why, TV and the Holocaust
The one thing you need to stop doing right now
A happy weekend: Of flea markets and more!
To all the guys who broke your heart
The three-year itch
Arranged marriages, really India?
Be You
2016 wrap-up: 55 books, a successful blog, and tons of new friends!
10 reasons why I’ll miss my BlackBerry
Root Chakra: Earn more money
Diwali Home Decor : Day 3 – Fab Furnishings

Diwali Home Decor : Day 2 – Artsy Walls
Diwali Home Decor : Day 1 – Pretty Planters
My name is Alia Bhatt and I’m not a Feminist
Doodling, sleep trackers & more!
This one’s for Papa – Happy Birthday
The month that was..
Happy Birthday Dear Ma
How literature is fooling women
Friendships – now and then
July wrap-up/ book shots!
A letter to my 16 yr old self
4 words that can change your life
Paris and a new look
2016 in Books
Being Artsy
Lessons from Goa
The Lone Tree by the Lake
Review: Salt Water Flush
Quilling, compliments, and books!
6 super easy ways to detox!
1000 Blog visitors, glowing skin, and happy thoughts!
Cook. Sleep. Read. Repeat

How to fall asleep in minutes!

Blogging like a Boss

18 Foreign words you absolutely must know!

How I became who I am

The right age to marry
7 Things I learnt from Taher Shah
World by Pictures Part 2 – Venice: The city of dreams
Pranks for your Inner Child
Confessions of an Independent Woman: #Part1
The new alternative to Retail Therapy
World by Pictures Part 1-London: Where i finally found myself
To the women we love
A career in gambling?
A love story, rekindled
Be. Here. Now.
I’m Coming Home…

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