LoA coaching: 1-on-1 sessions

Despite what people might say, I will admit that bringing your dreams into reality by using Law of Attraction techniques is not something easy. There are a lot of intricacies to the various steps and a hundred tiny ways in which your subconscious can trip you.

Sometimes, you might feel that despite trying everything you’ve read in books and implementing them word-by-word, you are unable to manifest your desires. And this can leave you tired, frustrated and wondering if the Law even works.

Well, let me tell you this – it absolutely does. I am a living example – I have consciously manifested hundreds of things into my life in the last 10 years. My way is unique, because I combine different modalities such as EFT, Access Consciousness, Switchwords, and energy healing to get rid of negative subconscious blocks standing between you and your dream. And I am here to show you exactly how you can do the same.


You can now book weekly LoA coaching sessions with me, where I will personally address your specific issues and give you concrete steps to solve them. The session will be totally customized to accommodate your personal journey on your LoA path. Because – each person deserves a shot at their dreams.

In these sessions, I will help you uncover your blocks and destructive thought patterns which are stopping you from achieving your desires, help you clear them for once and for all, and chart you path to success. I am here to answer all your questions on LoA.
I will also provide you with worksheets and exercises which you can use to speeden up the process.

Your desire(s) can range from:

Health/body image
Money/financial abundance
Mental peace/happiness
Finding your passion

To book a session with me, kindly write to me at: sonam.ch@gmail.com with the subject line: LoA coaching

I also run group workshops from time to time. To book your place in an upcoming workshop, please register yourself in the form below:

Next workshop: 23 January 2021

Happy manifesting!

P.S. You can read more about manifesting your dreams in my bestseller ebook
‘From Stressed to Sorted’.