The journey of a dream

You know those dreams that creep up to you from behind, one fine day, catching you completely unawares. And you are oblivious to their potential and intensity – the sheer magnitude that they can, and will, achieve at some point in time. And one of them holds on, for some reason.
For years, you revisit this dream from time to time, adding a bit here, a smidgeon there. And every time you do, you feel something magical coursing through your veins, something powerful, something that feels special in a way you can’t accurately explain. But for the most part, these dreams lie dormant in the recesses of your mind. One of those things that gets forgotten, or might I say even lost, in the hustle bustle of life.

And then one day, because of a single nudge, this dream of yours comes to life, taking on a much larger role – it expands and amplifies and becomes so clear that you can no longer ignore it. And what do you do then? You give in. You pick it up and you embrace it, you spend hours and hours on it, chiseling it until it turns to perfection, and polishing it until it shines.
You give it your all.
It becomes something all-consuming – from its inception to the germination to the culmination – it becomes something so much larger than yourself.

Until one day, you are ready to show it to your world. Because you are proud of it. Because it is your baby.
This book is this dream of mine. It’s my baby.


Presenting to the world – From Stressed to Sorted – my very first book.
In loving memory of my mother.

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