Quilling, compliments, and books!

“Do what makes you happy.”

The perks of having no wifi

On Saturday evening, I had no wifi for some reason (don’t you just hate when that happens!). And this gave me ample time to have another go at quilling. For those of you who don’t know, quilling involves folding and twisting thin strips of colored paper to make something beautiful.


It’s a lot of fun (although it requires a hell lot of patience). I love doing it – the final effect is simply beautiful. I found it much easier and quicker the second time around.

All you need is a quilling set. It has thin strips of colored paper and a small tool to twist the paper. Apart from this, you only require some paper or any other background (to make the design on) and glue.

And you know how I started with this? My sister randomly pointed out a very small quilling set at the mall – we both loved the colors and me being me, I decided to try it. And I’m so glad I did!

I first tried my hand at it sometime last month. And I made this –

Here is the final outcome –


I haven’t finished my second project yet. Will share when done 🙂

I spent half my Sunday ordering crafty stuff from this amazing site called ItsyBitsy. They have soo many things, I ended up buying a hell lot of stuff. You will be seeing a lot of DIY projects in here 😉
(I had half a mind to order an Adult coloring book – does that appeal to you too or is it just me?)

On being bookish

In another news, I finished Kafka’s ‘The Trial’ – I swear to God I have no idea why the Universe wanted me to read it – I did not pick out any message as such. Anyway, I needed something light and less descriptive afterwards, hence I picked up J.D. Salinger’s ‘The Catcher in the Rye’ – which is so much fun to read. I’m also finishing with The Lord of the Rings. I have a beautifully illustrated copy of the book and it was great reading it.



I got this eye infection on Thursday and had to skip work. All in all, I spent 4 days at home. Since I wasn’t able to wear my lenses, I put on my geeky spectacles and read a lot 😀

Here’s my #nerdgirl look.


Best compliment ever

This girl I knew from UK, Alexandra wrote this as a comment on one of my Facebook posts. It made my day. Aren’t these the most beautiful words ever?

“Hi Sonam, maybe this will sound lame, but reading your blog made me regret deeply about the fact I never got to know you while at Warwick. Obviously I have plenty excuses like studying all the time )))) anyway … It’s a pleasure reading you !”

Made my heart sing 🙂

Weekend WOW: In this series, I plan to share interesting stuff I do on my weekends. Last weekend, I shared a recipe with you. This weekend, it’s something different.

Did you like the quilling? Have you ever tried it?
Do you suggest I read any other books by J.D. Salinger (‘Franny and Zooey’ to be particular)? Let me know!

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