A letter to my 16 yr old self

All the things I wish I knew


Dear 16 yr old Me,

I am you, 10 years down the line – happy, successful, and independent.
I know it doesn’t all seem okay right now – growing up can be a pain. But I want you to know that in the end, it will all be okay.

Things I want you to know

  • Things have a way of falling into place. Eventually, everything falls into place. Everything. Life is good 😀
  • All your dreams come true. You have some of the most amazing experiences lined up for you. By the time you are me, you will have traveled across 14 countries, stayed for a year and a half in UK, and met some very interesting people. So dream big!


  • Sometimes, people will come into your lives and then leave. Or people you thought were your friends will let you down. It will hurt, but in the end, it will be okay. It always is. Learn to let go. Forgive them as soon as you can.
  • Start writing. Years down the line, it will give you great solace.
  • Forget all the times people tried to belittle you for your complexion. You turn out to be super pretty and there’s not a thing I’d change about you. All of them will eat their words and clamor to know you later on. You turn out better than them all.
  • Dance more often! These moves will come in handy when you go clubbing years later.
  • Learn another foreign language now, while you still have the time.
  • Keep reading, just like you do. A lot of who you become will come from this.books-918521_960_720.jpg
  • Take a lot of pictures. And not just for Facebook  (oh, that’s a thing you still haven’t seen!)
  • Stop caring about what people think. They don’t matter. None of them do. Except your family. And a few friends, most of whom you are yet to meet. There will be so many things people say to you that you don’t like. But you know what? They mean nothing in the end. In fact, most of these people won’t even remain in your life a few years down the line. The ones who matter won’t hurt you. I know its easier said than done. And I’m still not completely there yet. But do try.
  • Don’t give up sketching. Years later you are going to regret on all the time you lost.


  • Be good. Karma is a bitch. All the good (and the bad) you do will come back to you. Help more people and believe in the best.
  • Be independent. There is nothing more empowering than loving your own company. Depend on others for pleasure and fun, and not ‘coz you can’t get by without them. Learn to cook, live, and manage life on your own. It is the best gift you could give to yourself.
  • Read ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne as soon as it comes out. It will take you down a spiritual path. The sooner you follow it, the easier life will get for you.
  • Continue practicing Tarot reading. You will get better and better. And turn it into your vocation one day.
  • Family is the best. And always will be. Say “I love you” more often to your parents and sisters (also, don’t fight with them over that wardrobe space, you will have an entire flat to yourself later on ;))
  • People will come and go. But you will always remain you. So be true to yourself. Never be afraid of standing up for yourself.
  • “Be your bold shining self. Those who cannot handle your glow will fade out of your life. Those who love you will inspire you to shine brighter. “

  • heart-700141_960_720
  • Love deeply. It might hurt, but it’s worth all the pain.
  • And oh, don’t stress about these upcoming exams. You get into SRCC!! And Warwick!
  • Have fun. Cherish each moment! Laugh a lot! 🙂
  • More than anything, love yourself. A lot. You deserve it.

An older (and wiser) me.

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