Announcing my first book: From Stressed to Sorted

Have you ever picked a self-help book that looked very promising but turned out to be either (or all *shudder*) of these things –

  1. Too preachy or unrelatable
    When you pick a self-help book, would you rather it be something you can relate to? Or something that is full of gyan (read dense language or metaphysical mumbo-jumbo)?
  2. Repetitive
    Many a books I have picked have repeated the same single concept over and over simply to make it into a full-length book – basically, 300 pages of something that could be summed up in a single line! Which brings me to my next point….
  3. Loooooong
    Who, in today’s fast-moving world has the time to thumb through hundreds of pages of fluff to get to the point. After all, isn’t our world one that loves byte sized content?
  4. Not practical
    We’ve all read books which are very impactful and insightful, and yet, we forget how to implement the idea in real life. Why? For the simple reason that they do not provide us with practical steps to implement. They are just theoretical ideas, which we tend to forget over time.
  5. Repackaged stuff
    For those of us who are avid readers – I am sure you too, like me, have come across books which are simply rehashed versions of previously published books. With no new takeaways or ideas, you end up learning little new.

Well, if you too have faced these issues, then I have something that you might just love – my first book ‘From Stressed to Sorted: No-gyan happiness hacks you’ve never tried before‘. A collection of quick practical exercises that I have personally discovered and that have helped me be a happier, calmer person.


The book is packaged in the form of happiness hacks – which I strongly believe will help you deal with everyday stressful situations and are designed to appeal to everyone. I believe that each person will take away something of value from this book, no matter how big or small.

The most important thing is that this book is more than just a book to me. My mother was very much a part of this book and after her loss, I have re-written the book with a fresh perspective. This book is my way of proclaiming to the world that no matter what, I will bounce back.
A symbol of strength, and of my undying lover for her.
It is dedicated to my Ma.

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